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Nicole Giardossi new 2016 website

update 17th of October 2016 – The site is now back on wordpress; I utilised Fruity theme which is very fast updating with Responsive Menu plugin, Carousel Slider by Sayful Islam, very user friendly – easy to add images to and most …


Wondering why your theme’s device and browser responsiveness breaks with different resolutions? I had been for the last week or so. Tried many fixes. Potential fixes should I say. I discovered an error using a theme from the myThemeShop site, thought it …

web design for nicole giardossi

Web design for Nicole Giardossi.com hair & make up artist; designed with html, css & some javascripts a photo based website showcasing Nicole’s hair and make-up expertise. The font was manipulated to make smoother, less random ‘ornate’ curves exchanged for sleek minimalism. …

web design / re-design for unigateway

Re-designed using wordpress instead of the previous specialty content management system with flash (for front page animation) css hacks and photoshop, with the mobile device movie having a fallback – a series of jpgs cycled with javascript – to allow for apple …

web design for loveCelebrations

The Marriage Celebrancy site Love Celebrations was designed using css, html, java-script, photoshop, and php for the contact page, with a focus on different banner images for every page. The first one for the celebrant, Gael Andrews:This was for the ‘marriage’ page: …

Seedpod Funraizer web design

Designed for the Burning Man Seedpod Funraizer the seedpod was made out of succulents, found objects and art with photoshop, HTML5, CSS, notepad++ going into web design. The seedpod website is no longer up unfortunately as it only existed for the fundraiser.