Web Design for the Distinctive Dame

Went back into time in re-designing for this particular dame: The Distinctive Dame – a vintage styling salon located in the Melbourne Deco building Mitchell House providing dos nails and makeup circa 1920-1960.
The banner/navigation is image based so only displaying on devices wider than 960px (any lower and it became to messy too remain neat and useable) the slider set to downsize with media queries.
The card flip links are css image replacement.

The Distinctive dame also has a new online store so I made sure the theme was WooCommerce friendly, installed WooCommerce and have since added over 30 items. Apparently the store wasn’t working and so I investigated and realised I hadn’t set up the shipping methods so I’ve made a brief tutorial on WooCommerce Shipping Methods.
I also set up a forum, and in the future there will be monthly events added, most likely with EventEspresso plugin.

Nice to be working with you Distinctive Dame!