Invurt web site re-design.

Recently completed a huge re-design for with over a thousand pages, luckily it was already using wordpress so it was all about finding the right theme, styling, hacking, hacking, more hacking; and as a bonus, this could only be done after 9pm due to the site being live (almost 6 years now!)
Invurt is a street art, graffiti, urban art wesbite, the biggest in Australia, covering events and artist from Australasia.

The Home page now has categories Exhibitions, Photographs, Videos, Interviews and Editorials, Events & Articles, Products. Simple set up except the image titles were not links and would only link to one page!!! Luckily I used my favourite theme crew for this re-build myThemeShop and they were very helpful when I ran into problems. There are some interesting and very useful forum chats re the “Magazine” theme

I also had to force the google ads to ‘behave’. They are not responsive, you have to use media queries and resizing to get them to fit in on different devices. I made a tutorial “Google Adsense Responsive Ad” for any of you in need…

Great to work with Facter at Invurt. Seriously dedicated to his passion and his painting the streets…