How to add images using Elementor in WordPress

A quick tutorial on how to add images using Elementor visual editor for wordpress:
1. click on the post or page you wish to edit e.g. ‘Naturopathic Dispensary’ and click on [Edit with Elementor]

2. On the page that appears click on ‘Choose Your Image’

3. The Elementor edit panel will change to the image edit panel – click on ‘Choose Your Image’

4. click on the image of your choice or drag a new one into the add media window, and click on [Insert Media]

5. when the image has appeared in the Elementor image edit panel and also on the page add your caption e.g. ‘Pure Castile Soap’ as indicated by arrow 3 (this will appear under the image on the page also) then importantly click on the green [SAVE] to save all your work

To exit back to the dashboard click on the grey x bottom left of the ELementor edit panel…