WordPress Web design for Mrs Secondhand

Already done a little bit of work for Jody for her Pack Up Your Troubles business and she was nice enough to get me to help Tracey (the previous Mrs Secondhand owner who started the business and ran it for 12 -or 15?- years) before selling to Jody and then to help her and her partner Wayne with refreshing the website.
The website had been hand coded HTML and CSS – not so easy to update and not too device friendly, so the site was probably due for a remix.

Very simple update, the site was kept for the most part – as it was (couple of new pages) – just re-born in WordPress – ‘All in One SEO’ and ‘Responsive Menu’ plugins were the only plugins used! Definitely the fewest ever on any WordPress webstite!!

Ran into one H3 complication – unless you tell an H3 (or any H heading) to display:inline; it will sit below any images that are meant to be left or right of it:



Thanks for letting me help Jody and Wayne!