The Distinctive Dame re-re-re design

Always keeping fresh and ‘Distinctive’, The Distinctive Dame new spring/ summer 2017 look is now in; with full screen slider utilising Ultimate Responsive Image Slider (the Fruity theme slider kept truncating the images top and bottom though this could have been due to a functions.php setting), minimal navigation,
three homepage sliders again utilising Ultimate Responsive Image Slider one for Bridal, In-Salon and Photo-shoots, the Dame’s main talents being in these areas.
Used the Photo Gallery by Supsystic for the Folio page, most other galleries I tried had 2 or 3 rigid columns on downsizing and so looked fairly crap on smaller devices, this one reshuffles and sizes organically.
The bookings page came back – now incorporating an iFrame of the booking page to make things easier for clients.
And because the slider was too thin on smaller devices a second was added with just the middle of the slider images and the larger slider removed with {display:none;} – tried the width double screen width, margin-left:-50%; trick; didnt work for all…
Theres still a battle to display properly on iPhone 4 (can see both sliders!) but the figures are aparently 1.5% of the iPhone users have iPhone 4 and only 3% of mobile users are iPhone so this makes for a very very small percentage of iPhone 4 users.