error establishing ipage help

Even though the timthumb hack has been fixed many updates ago, bots still target it in the hundreds of thousands. This causes the ever so lovely “error establishing a database connection” I think. Whenever im listening to music on youtube the “i blog nnn share what i loveeee” ad comes up. Sooooo annoying. So I had to make this meme:
Ipage keep on adding testdb.php and variations to my server space and tell me whats wrong, never how to fix it and or stop the bots. Again hilariously as I type this post , AFTER turning off persistent connections in mysql – I thought this would be the fix finally, the error occurs again!!!! Click preview the page hangs in chrome, white screen nothing, check the new post and see “Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case.” then check the browser again – oh a different error this time!!! “This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. wtf seriously.

So here are the steps to turn off persistent connections jic:

1. In your control panel click on >Additional Tools then in the drop-down that appears CGI and Scripted Language Support.
2. Click on PHP Scripting
3. Scroll down till you see Edit your php.ini file for PHP5.x and then
4. Control + F for ‘search’ or ‘find’ allow-persistent -you should get 5 results the second should be mysql.allow_persistent = On change On to Off and click on save

I’m sure this isnt over yet though… :(