Web Design for Trusted Pest and Termite Control

After some work for Budget Pest Control Illawarra and Da Terminator Pest Control was referred to a new Pest Control Company starting up and was asked to design the new website:

Used the Fruitful theme, WD Facebook Feed, Smart Slider 3 for the banner Slider (couldnt have text overlays with the trusty Fruitful theme’s native slider) Yoast SEO for SEO, Slick Slider & Carousel for the pest gallery.

Built the website at trustedpest.com first then thinking was, it would be better for Asutralian customers to find a .com.au and so transferred to trustedpestandtermitecontrol.com.au; had to
1. export the trustedpest.com database,
2. add the new domain to dreamhost,
3. download the trustedpest.com wordpress folder via ftp
4. point the Name Servers 1,2 and 3 in Crazy Domains (where the .com.au was registered) and
5. add the A record number there also,
6. set up new database,
7. upload wordpress folder to trustedpestandtermitecontrol.com.au,
8. import database
9. change URLS in wordpress, then
10. fix up all the plugin settings and
11. use Better Search Replace plugin to modify all the ‘trustedpest.com’ links in the site to trustedpestandtermitecontrol.com.au – think that was all?

Can check out the new site at trustedpestandtermitecontrol.com.au

Great to work with you Serkan!