SEO for Melbourne Street Art Tours

Been studying analytics and SEO changes for sometime and have now helped a few sites with or to maintain their Search Engine Optimisation. Melbourne Street Tours were the first to start street art tours and are the biggest in Melbourne but had …

dont like hacks? keep updating

If itDoesCompute seems a little broken – its cause it is. It seems you cant be sleepy, something I already knew, but due to work load and thinking yeah itll be okay, I left myself open for those lovely spammy rank seeking …

Web design for David Russell Photography

Web design for David Russell Photography incorporating rss feeds from his invurt posts, instagram, and facebook posts, ‘paint ups’ – photos from the various graff / street art laneway paints and all designed in wordpress based on the newstimes theme and hacked …


Wondering why your theme’s device and browser responsiveness breaks with different resolutions? I had been for the last week or so. Tried many fixes. Potential fixes should I say. I discovered an error using a theme from the myThemeShop site, thought it …

adding .htaccess for permalink change

Best to decide on permalinks before you start constructing your website. if you didnt or forgot you’ll have to change your .htaccess file. If you can see the file in your wp directory you can create one by opening a text editor …

getting bombed with spam emails?

ive been getting almost a hundred spammy emails a day and thought i’d turned commenting off As well as unchecking ‘allow people to post comments on new articles’ you have to stop comments appearing on published posts too. On the all posts …

display content from another page

Tried to find ways of inserting one page’s content into another in wordpress. Better without a plugin i read so kept searching for php include variations, none of them worked. Then i found the ‘rps-include-content’ plugin, perfect!