adding .htaccess for permalink change

Best to decide on permalinks before you start constructing your website.
if you didnt or forgot you’ll have to change your .htaccess file. If you can see the file in your wp directory you can create one by opening a text editor ans saving the blank page as “.htaccess”

wordpress will have generated some code like this (post version 3.3) for you to copy and paste into the blank .htaccess file
save the .htaccess.txt file then up load it to the root directory of your wordpress installation. you then have to rename it to .htaccess (dont think you can do this before its been uploaded to your server.

Make a single post single category appear on the WP index page

My previous discovery on how to make a single post from a single category appear on the index page in a wordpress site was not the best solution. At all. It caused a battle between the .css and the recent post loop! The page displayed visually what i wanted: 1 post from category ‘diary’. When viewing the site on someone else’s computer (with slow internet) i watched him become (subtley) frustrated with the page load time and go somewhere else for the information he was after! 11-12 seconds to load a page with 300k max of images!

So right click, view source: the result was ridiculous! The html from all five recent posts was displayed! I tried deactivating rps include, posts in a page, all in one SEO; no affect. More research made me remember (yes i forgot how i originally modded the index page until I checked itDoesCompute, heh) my .css hack. Bad hack, BAD HACK!

thanks threestyler

thanks MichaelH

Code is poetry as WP states. If you do it properly! I have, now. And it works just fine! all those shapes dot com

getting bombed with spam emails?

ive been getting almost a hundred spammy emails a day and thought i’d turned commenting offitdoescompute_discussion-settings
As well as unchecking ‘allow people to post comments on new articles’ you have to stop comments appearing on published posts too. On the all posts page in wordpress select them all and select ‘edit’ from the drop down and click on ‘apply’ itdoescompute_posts_bulk
This brings up a menu of post options; next to the ‘comments’ box click on the drop down and choose ‘do not allow’ itdoescompute_posts_comments_do Thanks to this post

web design for allThoseShapes

Street art, graffiti music website designed with html, css, javascript, php. A site about art and music, kept super minimal. My first site with .php includes for the menus.
With a much safer ISP now (never, ever think as I once did that 3ix is ‘your friend in the business’, they are certainly not, in many ways!) and pagination definitely required for the Shida, Junky Projects, Barek, Be Free and other pages where loading of images times out on mobile devices, i think I may go back to wordpress soon…

Make ‘posts in a page’ display images

So, a lot of wordpress themes are good, useful, almost what you want, you try them out and ‘aaarrrrrr!’ where are the images!!?

The plugin ‘posts-in-a-page’ is very useful combined with (the important part!) the mysterious ‘posts_loop_template.php’ which doesnt exist in the wordpress install folder, or the theme folder.
How do you modify a file that dosnt exist, as advised by the posts in a page forum?

Github of course. They have this file! copy the code save it as ‘posts_loop_template.php’ then open it in your text editor and modify it as they say: change line 11 from ‘the_excerpt’ to ‘the_content’ save, place the posts_loop_template.php into your theme folder and its done!