Website update for Creative Wigs

Creative Wigs was started by Abe Lourie in 1957 and has been supplying wigs to opera, ballet, theatre, television, entertainers, drag performers, dancers, party folk and more and have also supplied wigs for huge Hollywood hits such as Moulin Rouge, Mission Impossible, The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings!

I got the call from Abe’s grand son Joel needing help with their website which had not been touched for four or five years and was designed using the fairly intense and not so user-friendly NETO e-commerce CMS.

After a lot of reading up on NETO I neatened up the way too layered footer, made the website more responsive and wider, updated some of the images and ‘ad-boxes’, enlarged the slider, fixed the slider text, styled and refined the header, added instagram and facebook feeds + other bits and pieces.

Some tasks I would usually have no problem with using WordPress or hand coding resulted in breaking the site in NETO. NETO does not have the responsive menu as a user option in their CMS so when it breaks below 991px (as it does – or did after the previous designer who no longer exists set up the current theme) – NETO help have to open a ticket and do it themselves.

This took quite a few of their team to have a go before they could make it a responsive version of the nav-menu as opposed to a replacement menu that only had home, cart, account, and contact links or a menu double up as happened first between 768px and 991px. We got there in the end; thanks for the help NETO.

Thanks for hiring me Joel!