Sprinkle.com.au website re-design

Recently I undertook my most epic redesign ever, over 1400 pages! Originally they were to be converted from ModX to WordPress but every conversion attempt resulted in broken xml or csv. So copy and paste then converting or restyling the bits of html already present.
The website was a for Sprinkle – a curve-embracing Melbourne fashion designer located in Brunswick – and had to be built whilst the old site was live, then activated when all checks had been made and the new one was ready to go.
I used to wp-image zoooom for the magnifier on the collection item pages, tawk.to for the live chat with email send if offline back up, Facebook by Weblizar for the fb feed, Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon, YARPP for the related pages (yes, pages – YARPP does them as well as posts and to exclude certain pages from displaying YARPP you use <!--noyarpp--> )
Azure Curve Toggle show hide for the text and images on the Happy Sprinkle Customers page, FB Photo Sync even though you have to manually re-sync – it doesnt sync live, yet!
Flexi Quote Plus for the Quote Rotator (you have to hack the plugin and change width to % so you can set it to adapt to its surroundings), Content Views for the image grid blog post display, itDoesCompute_-_sprinkle_04_-_screenshot
And the scary one, when the URL and website address had been re-assigned, and the site pointed into the folder ‘newSprinkle’ was “Better Search Replace” which I made a tutorial for, to replace 3991 links – all “sprinkle.com.au/newSprinkle/pageName” had to become “sprinkle.com.au/pageName”!

Just seems like a casual list of plug-ins in retrospect – in actual fact they took hours to choose and check for Sprinkle-friendly function and need…and of course there was lots of theme-hacking involved; I chose myThemeShop’s MoneyFlow theme because of the full width home page slider amongst other things and made the site max-width:100%, removed the theme’s socials (need to make these height /width adjustable and colour selectable guys!) and many other things, the theme options custom css box is very useful as is their fast response forum help…

Included in the website re-design were lots of tutorials for Sprinkle who was already pretty web-savvy, maintaining her site in ModX, and doing tutorials as needed to learn any new requirements. My help is still on-going when ever required of course, always nice to go hang out with Sprinkle on Lygon st for a while =D